A Family Vineyard


Chaix Family Vineyards are located west of Highway 29, south of the town of Rutherford, about half a mile from where the Mayacama Mountains start to shrug up from the valley floor. The Victorian-era “ranch house” was built in the 1880’s and has been passed down through the years, serving as the backdrop for 4 generations of the Chaix family.


The vineyard occupies a 37-acre chunk of the world-famous Rutherford bench, a sedimentary deposit of alluvial soils known to produce remarkable Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The vineyard, in the shadow of the extinct Mount St. John volcano, is divided into seven blocks. Each block is planted with a particular vine clone and rootstock carefully partnered to the individual character traits of the block’s soil.


The property’s iconic tank house was built in 1909 just after we purchased the property and about 40 years before municipal water was available. ¬†Once a common source for well water, many of the valley’s tank houses have since been demolished, leaving very few originals. Today, both the ranch house and the tank house still stand and are considered historic landmarks.